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Nite Life 2017 at Young Harris!

So much fun, you couldn't do this at home!

WinShape Camps works incredibly hard to craft Nite Life experiences that are unmatched by anything our campers can do at home. For most of these events, the whole camp comes together where memories are made that last a lifetime. They don’t call this the Summer of a Lifetime for nothing. 

Below is a preview of the Nite Life events for summer 2017. Some of these will be familiar to our returning campers while some of them are brand new. You can learn more about how to pack for these events in the Parent Handbook (Coming Soon)!

Also, if you’re looking for some music while you pack, check out our Nite Life Playlist for Young Harris on Spotify!

*Note: Jr. Camp: (Completed) Grades 1-5 @ YH and MB, Sr. Camp: (Completed) Grades 6-8 @ YH and 6-11 @ MB

Opening Show 💯

Tonight will be a hype show that you won’t forget! We’ve been waiting all year for this. It’s finally time to see stage dancing, singing, & celebrating on the first night of camp!

What to Wear: tacky, crazy costumes!

Song: Something Big by Shawn Mendes (Listen)

Aquamarine (JR Camp)

We all know crazy things happen at camp; & this summer, mermaids will be more than just characters in movies! Get ready with your sequins & mermaid tails because tonight will be full of dancing & you won’t want to miss it!

What to wear: sequins, mermaid tail, pearls, colorful hair extensions, bright colors

Song: Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid (Listen)

Fruit Loop de Loop (SR Camp)

Fruit, fun, & floaties. We know how to get messy here in the Enchanted Valley. Get ready for crazy games that will be sure to throw you for a real loop de loop!

What to wear: Fruity apparel that can get messy!

Song: Can’t Stop the Feeling from “Trolls” (Listen)

Pumpkin Palooza (JR Camp)

Autumn is coming a little early this year, so dust off your boots, fluff up your scarf, & flaunt that plaid & flannel!

what to wear: overalls, flannels, boots, jean shorts, & pigtails

Song: Footloose from Glee (Listen)

Make It Gold (SR Camp)

Put on your black & gold, grab your camp bestie, & get ready for an evening full of high sparkle competition & dancing the night away! Tonight, all that glitters really is gold.

What to wear: Everything black & gold, tutus, sequins, etc.

Song: Party Sleep Repeat (Rhema Soul) (Listen)

Campfire Encounter

On this night, we will sit close & lean in to hear what God wants to say to us; we’ll talk about real life & how we can learn & grow closer to Him.

What to wear: whatever you wore that day

Song: My Victory by Crowder (Listen)

Ultimate Rec!

Three Clubs. One Camp. We don’t call it ULTIMATE for no reason! Three Clubs will compete but only one will emerge as the ULTIMATE winner! Will it be yours?!

What to wear: anything club-colored that can get messy

Royalum: purple

Bumbline: yellow

Skocean: teal/blue

Song: Jump Start My Heart by Satellites & Sirens (Listen)

Late Night (SR Camp)

We like to keep the lights on a little longer some nights because there’s more partying to do. Wave Junior Camp goodnight because we’ve gotta roll! Cozy up & get ready for a night full of giggles, snacks, & special memories.

what to wear: Pajamas

Song: Marvelous Light by Ellie Holcomb (Listen)

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