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Nite Life 2017 at Mt. Berry (Girls)

So much fun, you couldn't do this at home!

WinShape Camps works incredibly hard to craft Nite Life experiences that are unmatched by anything our campers can do at home. For most of these events, the whole camp comes together where memories are made that last a lifetime. They don’t call this the Summer of a Lifetime for nothing. 

Below is a preview of the Nite Life events for summer 2017. Some of these will be familiar to our returning campers while some of them are brand new. You can learn more about how to pack for these events in the Parent Handbook (Coming Soon)!

Also, if you’re looking for some music while you pack, check out our Nite Life Playlist for WinShape Camps for Girls at Mt. Berry on Spotify!

All events for this summer are listed but are not in chronological order!

*Note: Jr. Camp: (Completed) Grades 1-5 @ YH and MB, Sr. Camp: (Completed) Grades 6-8 @ YH and 6-11 @ MB

Opening Show 💯

Tonight will be a show you won’t forget! We’ve been waiting all year for this and it’s finally time to see staff on stage dancing, singing, and celebrating the first night of camp!

What to wear: Tacky, crazy costumes

Song: Something Big (Shawn Mendes) (Listen)

Fruit Loop de Loop

We’ll end our first full day of camp with a camp necessity – a messy Nite Life! These games will throw you for a real loop de loop!

What to wear: Colorful and something you can get messy in

Song: Can’t Stop the Feeling (“Trolls” soundtrack)  (Listen)

Wonderful World of WinShape (JR Camp Only)

Get ready to explore a whole new world of Disney characters when our favorite on-screen snowman and friends come to camp!

What to wear: Disney costumes or clothes

Song : Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (“Frozen” soundtrack) (Listen)

Tye Dye, Top Knots, Talents, Oh My! (SR Camp Only)

This nite will be a talent show for the ages! If you have a talent you want to show off, this is your time! If not, you can sport your top knot and favorite tye dye!

What to wear: Tye dye and a top knot #itsTuesday

Song: Whip My Hair (Willow Smith)  (Listen)

Adventure Awaits (SR Camp Only)

We’ll forge new territory when we discover something new about our camp besties and maybe even ourselves. Polaroids and twinkle lights included!

What to wear: A flannel shirt

Song: Fix My Eyes (For KING & COUNTRY) (Listen)


It’s not camp without Campout! We’ll be under the stars all night with all the classics: hobos, marshmallows, and Tribe cheers!

What to wear: A sweatshirt and some bug spray

Song: Waking Up Again (Emily Hearn) (Listen)

Campfire Encounter

On this night, we will sit close and lean in to hear what God wants to say to us; we’ll talk about real life and how we can learn and grow closer to Him.

What to wear: Whatever you wore that day

Song: My Victory (Crowder) (Listen)

Sweet Dreams

What is camp if not the best slumber party ever? We’ll have crafts, contests, and cabin mates at this Nite Life! (Takes place on 2nd Tuesday for SR camp.)

What to wear: Special sleepover pajamas

Song: This One’s for the Girls (Martina McBride) (Listen)

Indian Summer

We’ll join with the boys down the hill to relax or get your game on, while listening to your favorite staff play live music!

What to wear: Fringe, moccasins, anything with tribal patterns, or Native American outfit

Song: Brand New (Ben Rector) (Listen)

Mega Relay

We don’t call it MEGA for no reason! We’ll meet up with the guys at Boys Camp for a battle of the colors where the competition is unmatched!

What to wear: Color of your team (You will receive your team assignment the morning of Mega Relay. Feel free to wear a shirt packed for a regular day of camp)

Song: Cray Button (Family Force Five) (Listen)


As we bring the WinShape weekend to a close, settle in to hear from a totally cool guest. But shhhhhh! It’s a secret and can’t be revealed until this special nite arrives!

What to wear: Something comfy

Song: Alone (Hollyn) (Listen)

Sock War

Green. Orange. Yellow. Red. Tonight we will declare the ultimate sock warriors of our favorite tradition at camp! What team will it be?!?

What to wear: Any and all the camouflage! Shirts are available in the Camp Store!

Song: Jump Start My Heart (Satellites & Sirens) (Listen)

Wander Girl (JR Camp Only)

We’re all superheroes inside, so let’s bring it out and play some great games with our friends!

What to wear: Superhero costume or paraphernalia

Song: One Girl Revolution (Superchick) (Listen)

Council Ring

Tonight is really going to ROCK when you and your tribe sing a one-of-a-kind song and deck out in Tribe spirit! How How!

What to wear: Any and all Tribe spirit colors! Tribe spirit clothes and accessories are available in the Camp Store!

Chippewa (completed grades 1-3): red and white

Chickasaw (completed grades 4-5): green and white

Cheyenne (completed grades 6-7): blue and silver

Cherokee (completed grades 8-9): purple and gold

Catawba (completed grades 10-11): teal and brown

Creek (completed grade 11): black and red

Song: Try Everything (Zootopia Soundtrack) (Listen)


We’re going to sing and dance on our final nite of camp! Tonight is about celebration and saying, “see ya later!” to our new camp besties!

What to wear: Whatever you wore that day

Song: Real Love (Hillsong Young & Free) (Listen)

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