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Marble Painted Thank You Cards

One of the best parts about the holidays is getting to spend time with the ones you love!

In the business of the season, it can be easy to forget to take the time to express gratitude towards the ones we love the most. Rather than allowing the season to extend our to-do list, we must take the time to cherish the relationships God has blessed us with and share our gratitude with those He has placed in our lives.

These super cute marble painted thank you cards are easy to make and are perfect for crafters of all ages!

So grab your pals, put on your apron and let’s get to crafting!

What you’ll need:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring
  • Cardstock
  • Shallow Dish
  • Stirring Tool (we used a knife)
  • Scraping Tool (we used another piece of cardstock)

Begin by lining your pan or baking dish with shaving cream (we used Barbasol original).

Drop food coloring throughout the shaving cream, leaving spaces between colors to allow for mixing.

Using a mixing tool (we used a knife), stir colors together to begin creating the marbled pattern in your shaving cream mix.

Once you have stirred the colors in the desired pattern, place a piece of cardstock face-down in the mixture.

Give it a good “press” into the foamy mix, then remove from shaving cream.

Using a scraping tool (or a piece of folded up cardstock), scrap excess foam off of cardstock piece.

Once you have removed the excess foam, let the cardstock dry before using a Sharpie or favorite pen to write your desired message on the front.

Feel free to add different colors into the mixture to create a different look for each card!

These beautiful cards only take 10 minutes to make and are a creative way to uplift those in your life!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV

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