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Man Land | Building the Perfect Summertime Fort


Last year our theme for camp was Heart. We spent our time together exploring Heart Castle where we looked at everything from the drawbridge to the well. Even though we have a new camp theme this year, the principles of our old theme remain the same. One of the best memories I have from my summers off from school was building a fort with my friends. I remember pulling all of the cushions off of the couch, grabbing extra sheets from the closet and the chairs from the kitchen and building a fort that filled the living room. No girls allowed of course. This summer, as you spend time with your friends, I encourage you to build a fort. As you do so, remember back to the places we visited in Heart Castle and tie those in to your fort. Share with your friends what you learned about each of the parts of the castle as you put it together. Here are some ideas of how you can recreate Heart Castle:

The Draw Bridge: Once your fort is up, one of the most important ways you can make it secure is by using a door that you can close much like the Heart Castle drawbridge. Find a flattened cardboard box and punch holes in the top corners of the box. Ask your parents for some rope or string. Slide the rope through the holes and tie a knot on the end of the string to keep it from coming back through the hole. Inside of your fort, use a broomstick to drape the string over. It should provide the height and leverage for raising and dropping your drawbridge.
The Walls: The walls are what keep anyone (especially your little sister) out. To build the perfect walls to a fort, take advantage of the walls and furniture around you to make your fort as solid as possible.
19FORT_SPAN-articleLarge The Well: Ask your parents to borrow a cooler from out of the garage. Fill it with ice and all of the waters, juice boxes and even sodas that your parents are willing to share. Remember to tell your friends about the living water we learned about during the summer. The well that never runs dry.
The Throne Room: Most likely, your fort won’t be big enough for multiple rooms. So, you will have to get a little creative on this part of Heart Castle. At the middle of the throne room always sits the throne. Use a game chair or a bean bag chair in your fort to make the center of your fort. Find some construction paper and some markers and put up a sign marking your chair as the throne of the fort.
The Banners: Lastly, you have to make sure that anyone approaching your fort knows who it belongs to and what you stand for. Remember the banners from Heart Castle? Find your favorite t shirts representing something you love. It could be your favorite football team or even an old camp shirt. Used these and string them from a tall piece of furniture to share with anyone who sees your fort what you are all about!
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