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Man Land | Opening Day

There’s just something about opening day of Major League Baseball. You can just feel the difference in the air. It’s a day constantly spent in the aroma of hot dogs and boiled peanuts. There’s no event that is a greater sign that spring has arrived. The first time you hear the pop of the bat going to battle with a 90 MPH fastball, you get chills down your spine. Baseball is back.

One of my favorite parts of opening day is the fact that it’s a celebration. Tens of thousands of people gather in their hometown stadiums for a family reunion of sorts that they hope ends with a ‘W’. The ballpark is lined with patriotic flags and bunting. The team reveals it’s newest pennant flag, honoring a memorable season previous with the hopes of an even better one ahead.
Your teams pitcher throws a near perfect game and receives a standing ovation as he leaves in the seventh inning. The team’s closer comes out in the 9th. It’s a tie ballgame. The crowd erupts in cheers as the closer makes the long walk from the bullpen. He strikes out the first three batters–the crowd goes crazy. It’s the bottom of the 9th. The first player due up is the hometown rookie, who has yet to build his reputation. The opposing team throws the first pitch and WHAM, the rookie knocks it out of the park. Your team storms home plate from the dugout and they throw a party for the rookie as he rounds third and scores the winning run.
The fact is, much of the celebrating you just experienced is an everyday occurrence in baseball. Every game counts. No matter the day or the time, a walk-off homerun is always well celebrated. Baseball is deeply ingrained with a tradition of celebrating. We can walk away from a game with a deep sense of pride and excitement almost any day of the season.
Imagine if we lived life like a Major League Baseball game. Imagine if every day was filled with celebrations. What if, like in baseball, we started every day in celebration? For the MLB, it’s by singing the national anthem and celebrating our nation’s freedom. For us, it could be celebrating what God has done in our lives up until this point simply by thanking Him first thing in the morning. What if we displayed a pennant flag of our past success as a reminder when times are hard in the future? What if we greeted our friends at life’s home plate when they pass a tough test with a party for everyone to see?
The fact is, every day could be opening day in our lives. By finding reasons to celebrate in the every day, we can lay our heads on our pillows at night and sleep well knowing today was a good game. Look for reasons to celebrate today. Celebrate what God has done in your life. Celebrate everyday victories in your own life as well as in the people you’re around every day. Use the hashtag #WSCManLand on social media to show us all the ways you’re celebrating life!
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