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Man Land | Love, Serve, Protect

There are some acts of kindness that just stand out above the rest. I read a story the other day that I had to read a couple of times because I thought it was so incredible. According to KHOU, a group of firefighters were called to an emergency at a residence in their Texas hometown.

They arrived on the scene where an elderly man mowing his yard had suffered a heart attack. After fulfilling their duties and getting the gentleman to the hospital, they decided their job wasn’t done. They returned to the residence where the man had left his mower out and yard unfinished.

The firefighters decided that the yard couldn’t be left half mowed, so they proceeded to mow the rest of the yard and lock the lawn mower up for the family. 1409369412000-Firefighters-mow-lawn Unfortunately, the gentleman did not survive the heart attack. Despite the grief she was surely experiencing, I can’t help but believe that the widow experienced some level of comfort from that small act of kindness by those firemen.

In Man Land, we teach that all men are supposed to love, serve, and protect. Firemen are known for the ways in which the serve and protect our communities. What these firefighters did that day made for a newsworthy story and showed what it means to love in the way they served their community.

Scripture teaches us that we are supposed “…to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” (James 1:27)

You see, what’s radically different about love, serve, protect is not so much doing each of these acts individually. It’s living a life that intertwines the three. It’s living a life that does each of these to a newsworthy extreme.

Think about how you measure up to love, serve, and protect. Where could you improve one of the three to make an even bigger impact on those around you?

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