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Man Land: In His Image

Growing up every child has a role model. As a kid I looked to athletes, celebrities, movie stars, and even presidents to compare my life to, hoping that one day I could be in their shoes. My favorite men were Chipper Jones, Kobe Bryant, and Indiana Jones. Those guys were so cool to me. I even had posters of Chipper and Kobe in my bedroom. After I turned ten though I stopped comparing myself to those famous people and began to compare myself to other boys my age. I looked to the guys who had class with me, ran on the same field as me, and played in the same band as me. I just wanted to fit in and be cool.

It quickly became obvious to me what I had to do to be accepted as one of “the guys.” It appeared that every popular guy had big muscles, perfect hair, wore name brand clothes, and made people laugh. There was more to it than that, but those were the main things. I tried so hard to be just like them. I wanted to be the perfect man, but what I didn’t realize at the time is that there is no perfect man, especially not in a middle school.

I spent years, literally years, trying to grow bigger muscles. I even carried a hairbrush in my backpack so that if my hair got messed up I could run to the bathroom and fix it. The pressure in my life to fit in by comparing myself to other boys lasted for a long time. I was never satisfied. Nothing could help me be happy. There was always someone or something new that I had to try to be like or obtain.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized that I don’t have to be like anyone except myself. I have a loving, gracious, and accepting God who created me to be just who He wants me to be. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” This verse speaks directly to what I was dealing with. God knew before I was even born how he would create me and how he wanted me to work in His name.

I didn’t have to have big muscles to be a man. I didn’t even have to play a sport or make straight A’s. That’s not what being a man is all about. Instead, being a man means obeying my parents, showing love to my friends, having good faith, and most importantly being obedient to God’s word.

When I realized that God created me in His image and He loves me just the way I am I became so much more confident in myself. So much pressure has been lifted off of my shoulders. The Lord has shown me my talents and strengths and how He wants me to use them for His glory. I am not supposed to be like every other man. Jesus is the perfect man and he is my role model. That is all any man needs.

About the Author:

Spencer Singletary has served with WinShape Camps for Communities for three summers. He studies Political Science at the University of Georgia and will be Rec DirectorSpencer has worked for WinShape Camps for Communities for three summers where he has spent two summers as a Rec Director. His favorite things about camp are triangulation and the dance skill. He is a current junior at The University of Georgia where he studies political science.

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