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One of the best parts of fall is college football (READY, BREAKDOWN)! We are knee deep into the season now and the rankings don’t look anything like we expected. Each weekend we are seeing upset after upset.

This is also a special season because it’s the first year of the College Football Playoffs! In fact–Sunday is the first official announcement from the newly appointed ‘Selection Committee’ on who they see as the best of the best this season. 10691837_1495838557307641_1239167275_n Even though college football is in it’s first official year of playoffs, it’s steeped in a rich history that goes back over 100 years. The National Football Foundation, which has been celebrating football’s greatest for 63 years, works to preserve this history. One way they do so is with the brand new College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-a Fan Experience located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

We had the opportunity to take a group of our Summer Staff to the hall of fame this year. It was an experience that we are sure they will remember for a long time. When we say ‘experience’, we aren’t using that word lightly.

This Atlanta attraction truly is more than just a museum with old displays and dusty plaques. The College Football Hall of Fame is a completely personalized, interactive and unforgettable opportunity to dive into the history of college football.

I don’t want to give the whole experience away, but below are some of the great things I saw that could spike your interest in attending the CFBHall.

As you would expect from anything attached to the name Chick-fil-A, the staff at the CFBHall were unbelievably friendly and knowledgable. They were able to point us in the right directions and move large groups of people through quickly.
When you first enter the Hall, you’re given your “backstage pass”. You are led to a touch screen display where you enter your information including your favorite football team. While I have been a Georgia Bulldog fan my entire life, I decided to put the hall to the test. I graduated from Kennesaw State University which is launching a Division 1 football team in 2015. Much to my surprise, Kennesaw State was already in their system and I was able to choose them as my favorite team. Throughout the entire museum, they highlight your team and it’s greatest players/coaches.
Probably one of the coolest parts of the experience is the wall of helmets. helmet wall They’ve collected hundreds of team helmets from around the country. Each helmet has a light inside of it. When someone who represents that team checks in, the light comes on! Of course, they wouldn’t let me choose Kennesaw State if they didn’t have a helmet, so I was able to watch it light up when I walked in.
I’m not going to give too much away, but there was a movie they show throughout the day. It’s filmed with 4K resolution and is played on a panoramic screen. It takes you into a gameday through the eyes of a player and of a coach. Let’s just say, there were tears shed in the theater….
Every single thing is interactive. No matter which floor you go on, there is some way to interact with the history you are learning. Whether that’s putting yourself as a College Gameday anchor or doing a karaoke version of your favorite teams fight song, it’s extremely hands on and memorable. You can even kick field goals while watching college football on a HUGE screen!

I encourage you to check out the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A fan experience. Whether you love college football or are just a casual fan, you are sure to learn a ton and experience something worth much more than it costs!

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