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You Know You’re a WinShape Camper When…

Campers!  The countdown to camp is ON and we can’t wait to see you in just a few short weeks for The Summer of a Lifetime!  Because, let’s be honest…somehow at camp the days are longer, the sky is bluer, the stars are brighter—everything is better at camp! To find out just how much “camp cred” you have, we’ve put together a brief quiz.  Score yourself below and be sure to leave us a comment with your result!  (And if you’re a first time camper, see all the things you have to look forward to this summer!) boy_shavingcream You know all the words to the Bobo and can yell it at the top of your lungs! +5 You’ve gotten a bullseye in Archery. +1 You’ve been an Ocean, Chippewa, Apache, or Drop. +3 You regularly visit thrift stores to make sure you have the right supplies for Nite Life costumes! +2 You’ve lost your voice shouting your Tribe, Village, or Club cheer. +5 You know what a Token is…and you’ve done something crazy to win one! +4 You’ve painted up for Council Ring. +2 You’ve experienced victory at Triangulation, Sock War, or Ultimate Rec! +3 You’ve played a game in Town Square. +2 You own at least three WinShape Camps apparel items. +5 You’ve perfected your Hobo recipe…and know they always taste better at camp! +3 You can do The Heartbeat! +2 You can recite at least five Today’s Truths from memory. +10 You know exactly how many days you have between now and your camp session. +3 You can’t wait for WinShape Camps 2014—The Summer of a Lifetime! +20   How did you do?  Did we leave anything off the list?
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