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Introducing FORCES

WinShape Camps for Communities at Cobb, welcome to the deeply-rooted legacy of camp.

If you have attended any of our camp programs, you know the feeling.

The moment you clinch the Council Ring victory at last.

The jubilation of a Pep Rally with your Club.

Fighting for the Squad Cup with rambunctious pride.

Yes, Camp Culture at WinShape Camps is the core of who we are. And for good reason.

We know camp memories are made when campers (and their parents) compete for a common goal. The feeling of accomplishment and pride when your squad/club/legacy/tribe/village emerges victorious is rarely matched elsewhere. Like the feeling of all your favorite sports teams winning their respective championships in the same year, each ending in a gripping last-second comeback. Campers cannot help but feel that sort of intense passion during a camp session. It’s ingrained in our DNA.

Campers may grow up, but the heart and soul are forever attached to the camaraderie and pride they once knew.

This summer we launch a brand new camp. A camp exclusive to Cobb County, and full of the culture that makes all of our camps so memorable.

WinShape Camps for Communities at Cobb, welcome to the deeply-rooted legacy of camp.

Welcome to Forces.

Your Force is a community of friends, new and old. 

Your Force is by your side, win or lose.

Your Force is a place where you belong, always.

The four Forces are: Earth Force, Fire Force, Water Force and Wind Force.

Comprised of elements that contribute something special to the world, Forces are unique. Yet they stand united in this: every member of a Force works together to help the rest. Elements of the Force fight for rather than against each other.

A sampling of elements includes the River, Delta, Brook and Falls of the Water Force; or the ‘Canes, ‘Nado, and Storm, who represent the Wind Force.

As campers age and move into new Forces, they will embrace traditions—new and old—of their new community. New cheers to learn, colors to represent, and friends to know.

The legacy of WinShape Camps for Communities at Cobb grows with your camper. Forces are the threads of that legacy.

Are you ready for them?

All this week, we will be releasing our Force logos on social media. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

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