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What I’m Going to Do

I recently moved into a new house with fresh white walls. Pristine, plaster walls, the kind that leave dust when you drill through them. I’m sure the previous owners hung things there, but they dutifully spackled and painted over the holes and now I’m afraid to hang anything on them.

I have stacks and stacks of pictures, mirrors, shelves, and knick-knacks sitting on my floor and it’s taken me six weeks to hang three pictures. Mostly it’s because I’m a dangerous combination of “figure it out as you go” and “it has to be perfect.” Which translates into hammering, hanging, deciding it’s not quite high enough, hammering again, hanging again, oops a little too high, hammering a third time…well, you get the idea. Please don’t ever look behind a picture in my house or you’ll see the 12 holes it took to get it in exactly the right spot. living room 2 And once it’s in exactly the right spot, well, what if I rearrange? What if I find something better? What if I find the most perfect treasure of all the treasures and must hang it on THAT wall in exactly THAT spot? What then?!

You can see why this is an issue.

It’s a small thing really. The consequences aren’t too great, and yet, I’ve still only hung three pictures and already changed my mind about two of them. So I invite people over to see the house and tell them about my intentions.

“I’m going to hang a picture there. I’m going to get a new couch. I’m going to paint, put up curtains, buy a rug, going, going, going. Can’t you picture it with me?“ But I never go.

It’s not just decorating my home. I told my staff last week that if they only knew the lives I’ve lived in my head, they wouldn’t know whether to ask for my autograph or just stand in awe – I have an enviably active imagination.

But our lives aren’t lived by what we’re going to do. We don’t change the world, our families, our workplace, even our own home by our intentions, but what we actually bring into existence. What we actually accomplish. What we actually do.

Maybe it’s fear that holds you back. Maybe it’s lack of motivation, commitment, direction. Maybe you have so many options that you’re paralyzed deciding which route to take, or maybe you feel so cloudy that you can’t even tell where to take the next step. You’re stuck.

Maybe you just need someone to remind you that they believe in you and that they’re on your team, in the big and the small. Whether it’s painting your walls, turning your hobby into a business, making a move, or scheduling lunch with a new friend – take the next step. Let’s be people who aren’t so focused on getting it perfect, who aren’t so concerned about the outcome that we stand still afraid our movement will be in the wrong direction.

We might have to backtrack. We might fail. We might realize God’s calling us another direction entirely. But our movement can shake off the fear, can shock us from paralysis, can build momentum and soon we’ll be known not for what we’re going to do, but what we’ve done. I’m going to go home and hang a picture. And then I’m going to go deep into my imagination – because some of those daydreams might actually be able to come true.
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