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Hay Day

‘Hay’ there from all of our WinShape Camps for Girls 365 Members! WinShape Camps for Girls 365 is designed our desire to see our campers daily live out the truths they learn at camp. We recognize the lifelong impact and meaningful relationships campers experience as a part of the WinShape Nation. Our goal is to steward well our position as welcomed influencers by connecting with campers and their families 365 days a year, and we do this through events like Hay Day!

Hay Day Pic

Hay Day took place this past Saturday at the home of Girl’s Camp Director, Trudy Cathy White. We had a great time playing Harvest Dash (a fall-themed take on Mega Relay), eating lunch together, taking some great photos with some furry farm friends, and remembering all we learned at camp this summer. Flannel, caramel apples, and some classic pumpkins provided the perfect kick start into the fall season!

Our Cherokee Tribal Leader from Summer 2015, Marla Hollis, shared how our Hope theme has been playing out in her life since she’s been home. We had a time to discuss in small groups how each of us has experienced that as well! We challenge you to continue to apply our Today’s Truths to your everyday life outside of camp!

Our next large group event will take place on December 21st at the Chick-fil-A Support Center in Atlanta, GA! The WinShape Camps for Girls staff will host a Christmas luncheon for all of our 365 members. Come see our Home Office all decked out for the holidays, reunite with camps friends, and understand more about HOPE through the birth of Christ. More information and the opportunity to register for this event will come to you in November so be on the lookout!

We are so happy many of you were able to attend Hay Day and look forward to many more opportunities like this in the future! It’s not too late for you to join in on the fun too! Sign up here to join the 365 Program and stay up to date on all that’s happening throughout the year!

Your friends at WinShape Camps for Girls

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