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Giving the Gift of Camp: Packaging the Gift of Camp

Last week on the blog, we kicked off our series on Giving the Gift of Camp with a set of printable gift tags to use on the packages you use when you give your child the gift of camp.

This week, we’re going to dive into some fun ways you can present the gift of camp to your child this Christmas!

We’ve broken down our ideas into two different methods of giving camp: the Experiential Giving and Tangible Gifts. Choose which style of presentation fits your child’s personality and age group.


1. Make it a dance party

Create a playlist of camp songs and download them to you or your child’s electronic devices. When it comes time to “unpackage the gift,” let your kids have a dance party to the playlist, showing off their favorite moves from theme dances past! You can find all of the past camp theme songs on iTunes and Spotify.

2. Let them choose

Allow your child to be a part of the registration process! Set aside time together to learn about the desired camp location and skill offerings for the summer. Then, let them pick which skills they would be interested in taking and designate skill preferences based on their selections. This is great for first-time campers who have never experienced WinShape Camps before! You can find information about our overnight and day camps through the WinShape Camps website.


Tangible Gifts:

1. Give a skill-specific gift kit:

With so many fun skills to choose from your camper will have the opportunity to try something new and become a pro at something they have never done before! Let them get a head start on 1) trying something new, 2) having fun, and 3) making a memory by packing the gift of camp with a fun skill gift kit! Here are some fun skill-inspired gift kits that we love!

2. Make a color-scheme themed box

Each camper at WinShape Camps is placed into an age-specific group that he or she will spend the summer playing games and making memories with. These groups have different names at each camp (Tribes at WSC for Girls and Boys at Mt. Berry, Clubs at WSC for Girls at Young Harris, Villages at WSC for Communities, Squads at WSC for Boys at Cleveland, Forces at WSC for Communities at Cobb, and Legacies at WSC for Girls at Cohutta Springs.) Each Tribe, Squad, Club, etc. has a specific color scheme that helps campers identify their group and promote the celebration of each group! Help them go into the summer with lots of group spirit by packaging the gift of camp with a color specific box!

    1. Fill a box with color-specific items, solely made of the color of your camper’s group. (This yellow-colored basket is a fun example of how to create a color-specific gift!)
    2. Some items you can include are candy, bandanas, socks, nail polish, markers, pens, face paint, and — of course — slime!

3. Pre-camp care package

Prepare your camper for the Summer of a Lifetime with a care package filled with things for them to bring to camp! We recommend wrapping your care package to look like an actual care package — with the camp address and your camper’s name and prospective tribe/club/squad! Some fun items to include are:

    1. Stamps/pens/stationery
    2. Candy
    3. Socks
    4. Fun gadgets
    5. Water bottle
    6. Battery operated fans/batteries
    7. Smores in a bag
    8. Glow sticks

4. Photo Album

This gift is ideal for older, returning campers! Create a photo album of your camper’s favorite photos from previous summers. Get your camper excited for another Summer of a Lifetime by reminding them of their favorite memories from past summers. To make this album even more special, reach out to your camper’s camp besties for quotes about how excited they are to see your camper in the coming summer! Then, write these personal messages on the pages of the photo album!

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