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Do you love WinShape Camps?

Girls! Now you can bring camp home with you and stay connected for 365 days a year! Together, we'll live out what you learn at camp all year long.

WinShape Camps for Girls 365 is a program created out of our desire to see our campers daily live out the truths they learn at camp. We are committed to creating opportunities for campers to revisit and review the powerful content they hear in the summer for the purpose of continued life application. These opportunities may include touch points such as online webinars, school visits, mailed resources, and large group gatherings. Regardless of what the touch point looks like, there will always be an emphasis on community and spiritual investment. We recognize the lifelong impact and meaningful relationships campers experience as a part of the WinShape Nation. Our goal is to steward well our position as welcomed influencers by connecting with campers and their families 365 days a year.

This program is for any camper who has attended one of our Girls Camps. There is no cost for registration.

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365 Events!

Hay Day
Oct. 7th
Join us in Atlanta for an afternoon full of Fall, fun, games, and discussion of how the theme of ALL has impacted your daily life back home!
Christmas Luncheon
Dec. 21st
Apart from camp, it really is the most wonderful time of the year and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!
Winter Weekend
Jan. 19-21st
Join us at Mt. Berry for a spiritually enriching, fun-filled weekend retreat exclusively for 6th-12th grade girls who are a part of WinShape Camps 365!

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