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Girl World | April Showers

“Fun is more than sunny days; it can be dirt and mud pies.  The rain was the ticket.” –Nathan Angelo

I don’t know if it is the same where you girls live, but the weather has been pretty crazy in my corner of the world this year.  One week it’s sunny and 75 degrees, the next week school is canceled due to snow and ice. How does that happen?
There is a particular type of weather that I have seen a lot of this year.  RainRain can mess your hair up.  Rain can force you to cancel fun outdoor plans.  Rain can make you feel sad.  Rain can cause you to want to watch TV all day long.
Rain can also be the key to a magic memory.  It all depends on how you look at it.
Let me show you what I mean…
One summer at camp, two other girls and I were on our way to the Clubhouse from Chow Hall.  It had been partially cloudy during Skills that morning, but the rain had held off.  Until now.  All of the sudden we were witnessing one of the hardest rain storms I had ever seen.   We knew we had no choice but to brave the rain and head back to the Clubhouse.  As we started running, I began to jump into each puddle that I saw.  One of my friends asked me, “B., what on earth are you doing?”  I quickly responded by saying, “Birdie, we are going to get soaked either way… we might as well have fun doing it.”  Our ordinary walk back from Chow Hall became an extraordinary rain party.
My challenge to each of us girls this month is to choose to see things from a different perspective.  We get to decide how we will react to the things in life that we cannot control.  Rain is one of those “things.”  Who ends up in your class at school is another one of those “things.”  You can choose to be upset that your best friend is in a different class or you can take the opportunity to make new friends.  Who knows, one of those friends may even end up being an additional best friend in your life.  I am sure there are several other examples you can think of, but the point is that you choose each day how you will handle the rain storms that come your way.  And between a gloomy walk and a rain party, I would choose the rain party every time.
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