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A Fun, Fall Craft

I have to confess that I’m not much of a fall girl. I know, I know, everyone else is excited for cooler weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and the holidays to hurry up and get here, but I still miss the heat of the summer. I miss the long days, the beach, and most of all…camp!

But one thing I do love about the fall is all the amazing colors! I love the leaves changing outside as trees turn to fiery orange and golden yellow. And I don’t want to just leave those colors outside, I like to bring them into my home. So for all you Handcrafts fans, here’s a really easy craft you can do to bring some of the outside in. Image 1 Branch weaving is super easy and really fun and best of all, you can come up with so many different patterns and designs! To get started, all you need is:

V-shaped branch (you can find one right in your yard!)
Several yarn colors (pick your fall favorites or any color you love!)
Plastic craft or wool needle

These can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. Think of it like a friendship bracelet – there are so many different options! Once you finish, display them in a vase, on your mantel, or even just on a shelf and enjoy bringing a little bit of the outdoors in!

Check out two great tutorials below! Tutorial 1 Basic Branch Weaving Instructions Tutorial 2 For those of you feeling a little more advanced, check this out.

Once you finish your final creations, be sure to post them on Facebook and Instagram and tag us so we can see your results. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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