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No Fear

My team set goals here at WinShape Camps last week. Goals about what we want to do this year and when we want to do it. We were strategic about planning what needs to be done and set deadlines for when it needs to be accomplished.

We thought through how we would measure our success and set goals to make sure we are working with excellence.  We dreamed about new things we want to do and planned how we can achieve them. These are stretch goals that are definitely feasible but will change the way we work and think. They won’t be easy, but they will make us better.

We were on a high as we thought through how much better we’ll be if we meet them all! But pretty soon the doubts started to creep in. Those little voices started yelling in my head, the ones that shout, “What if you don’t meet them? These goals are too hard, you’ll never be able to hit them all. You’re fooling yourself if you think you can do this.” And worst of all, “It would be better to just quit now than to work so hard trying just to fail.” I had visions of our whole team morale dropping and wondered if we’d been too aggressive, if we should have not dreamed quite so big. Fear You know that voice. You’ve heard it when you tried something new. You heard it when you took a risk. You heard it when you stepped out in faith and when you did the thing you’re a little (or a lot!) afraid to do. And you had a choice to make, just like I did in that moment.

Do I shrink back to the voice of fear or do I stand firm on the truth of who God is and what He says?

Fear always tells us why we can’t, but God always tells us how He can.

Does that mean we’ll never fail? No. We might not hit all of our goals. We might not accomplish everything we set out to do. There’s no guarantee we’ll succeed according to the measurements we set. But if we only hit 50% of our goals? We still come out better than if we’d never tried at all. We’ll have grown as a team, campers will receive a more intentional experience, staff will be better equipped, the list goes on and on! No Fear1 We committed our goals to paper. We set incentives to help us reach each mark. And we chose to step out boldly and give it our best shot. We chose not to give in to the voice of fear, but to trust God’s voice in our lives.

What about you? What are you afraid to try, where are you afraid of failure? Now, what is God saying to you today?

Step out in faith. Try something hard. Learn that new skill, take that AP class, put in your request for that promotion. And if it doesn’t work out? You’ll never know unless you risk!

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