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Man Land | Father’s Day

Fathers are the epitome of what we do in Man Land at camp. They show us all of the fundamentals of being a man as we grow up. While we are gearing up to celebrate dads on Father’s day, let’s look at the top 5 Man Land lessons your dad has probably gotten pretty good at.

5 Man-Land Lessons your dad could teach you!

1. How to grill!
There’s nothing better in the summer (besides camp) than firing up the grill and bringing guests over for dad’s famous burgers. No matter if your dad is a propane guy or a charcoal guys, it’s guaranteed he has experience and a mean technique when it comes to lighting up the grill. Next time your dad heads out to the grill, join him and learn how he perfects those juicy burgers. You might be surprised what comes up in conversation!

2. How to be a GentalMAN.
While being a gentleman may not be a skill like throwing a sick curve ball or building a cabinet out of wood, there are some practical steps that you can take towards being a true gentleman. Ask your dad…what makes a man a gentleman?

3. How to work hard.
Chances are, your dad works pretty hard. He may have a job, volunteer at church and keep up with you and your siblings all in one day. Ask your dad if there is a project you could maybe help him with. This could range from yard work to wood work. Ask him how he balances doing so much, and make sure you say thanks for the way he takes care of you.

4. How to dress well
There are a ton of influences on the way we dress. Our siblings influence the way we dress. TV influences the way we dress. Musicians influence the way we dress. In order to be a true gentleman, you need to understand how to rock your look. Your dad may not wear the coolest clothes in your eyes, but I bet he can teach you how to tie a bow tie, and how a good suit should fit.

5. How to celebrate
Dads are pretty good at celebrating (especially when it comes to college football). Your dad knows the one and outs of when you should have a party. Work with your dad to throw a big birthday celebration for your mom or siblings.

ManLand10 Above all of these things, make sure your dad knows you love him this Father’s Day! The lessons he’s teaching you today will impact the world for generations to come.

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