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Evolution of the WinShape Camp Theme Song

One of the most exciting moments of camp is getting to hear the theme song and learn the theme dance for the first time of the summer! There’s something special about getting to sing a song that has been uniquely written with the summer’s theme and group of campers in mind.

Needless to say, as each theme has changed each summer, so has the theme song — each time, though, with its own flair. Whether it’s a major beat drop, a rap interlude, or a dance party section, the theme song never fails to bring a good time to any camp day!

As we lead up to the reveal of our 2018 Theme Song, “You’ve Seen My Days”, we’d like to take you on a walk down memory lane side by side for a look at some of our past theme songs starting back in 2013. Come along with me as we revisit some of our favorite songs of all time.


2013: Heartbeat

Theme: Heart

This upbeat song, really does get your heart beating with its catchy chorus that makes you want to jump around and sing at the top of your lungs! This one is a definite throwback, but it’s one we love with all our hearts!


2014: Side By Side

Theme: Anchored

Just as the title implies, this song gave campers and staffers the chance to sing and dance side by side in support of one another! When the beat dropped in the middle of the song, everyone would link up and sway from side to side with the people around them. It served as such a good picture of what it looks like to support each other in the body of Christ! Not to mention, it was practically a cardio workout with all of the jumping in the rest of this upbeat song!


2015: Top of the world

Theme: Hope

We spent this summer exploring a theme park, filled with rides and interesting people. The most important ride we visited, however, was the Ferris wheel — which is exactly what inspired this song! We rode to the top of the world and sang our hearts out as we looked past the things that meet the eye.

2016: Come along with me

Theme: Follow

Nobody can forget the first time all the summer staffers began spitting bars during the rap bridge of this song. It quickly became everyone’s goal during the summer to learn every word of the “Come Along With Me” rap.


2017: All time

Theme: All

Inspired by the theme verse mark 12:30, this song reminded us to sing and dance with everything we had in us! With dance breaks that included some whips, nae naes and even dabs, campers and staffers gave it their ALL every time this song came on!

2018: You’ve Seen My Days

Theme: Shepherd

This song drops at Midnight on Friday, April 13 and will be available on iTunes! Mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss getting the first listen of our 2018 theme song!

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