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Registration opens March 3, 2019

WinShape Camps for Communities provides an unprecedented day camp experience for campers that have completed grades K-8.

Whether you like soccer, science, or anything in between, there is something for everyone at WinShape Camps for Communities! Come be a part of this incredible adventure where we combine sports, recreation, arts, Bible study and worship into one incredible week. WinShape Camps provides a professionally trained staff to help create the most meaningful, unforgettable and fun-filled day camp experience you’ll find anywhere... right at home in your own community!

Camp Activities

Alpine Only

You won't want to miss out on the only skill exclusive to 5th and 6th graders where you never know what's going to happen! We play a series of games outside as well as team building exercises, all while learning how to be the best leader we can be!

New in 2016!


If you ever wanted to have the skills of Robin Hood, this is the perfect place to start! In Archery, we learn how to hold the bow, proper shooting stance, aiming techniques, and whistle commands. Our skill instructors make safety and fun a priority as they teach the fundamentals combined with archery games.

New in 2016!


Passing, dribbling, shooting, and defense are all techniques we learn in this fast-paced game! This skill continues throughout the week with drills, games, and scrimmages. Players go home at the end of the week with gained confidence in their abilities on the court.

New in 2016!


Let's go WinShape! Join our squad to learn new cheer routines and cheer on other Skills! We learn cheer basics such as stance, hand placement, and jumps. We will cheer on the entire camp on Wednesday during Town Square!

New in 2016!


Grab your glue and scissors and let's head on over to crafts! We create masterpieces with everything from googly eyes to hot glue - even needle and thread! No experience necessary! This is a laid-back skill where you can chat with friends and create new pieces of art.

New in 2016!


Dance your way into the studio as we explore a variety of dance styles from hip hop to African dancing! We will learn dance basics such as basic movement and remembering choreography through fun games and preparing for our final routine. We will be performing during Town Square on Thursday for our camp friends.

New in 2016!

Fast Food

If your favorite time of the day is meal time, this skill may be the perfect fit for you. Learn how to cook savory dishes in this sweet skill, and then bring recipe cards home to share with friends and family.

New in 2016!

Flag Football

Look for a clear opening as you sprint your way right into Flag Football! Get ready to huddle up, pass, punt, catch, and kick your way to the WSC championship! Players will learn how to throw, basic drills, and execute plays on a team.

New in 2016!

Girl World

Who's the fairest of them all? Why, that would be the girls of Girl Word of course! Here we learn all about how to be a lady. We paint nails, wear crowns fit for a princess, and occasionally we might throw glitter. (GIRLS ONLY)

New in 2016!


Do you ever daydream about being in the Olympics? Now is your chance to be a part of the one and only WinShape Camps gym squad! This skill is open for beginners with no experience, to those who regularly practice gymnastics. Events include low beam, vault, and basic tumbling. Campers will learn basic skills in each while being spotted by our trained skill leaders. Tumble, cartwheel, flip, and walk the beam as we compete for 1st place in the WinShape Olympics on Thursday!

New in 2016!

Man Land

Do you smell that? It smells like a mixture of aftershave and bacon. It must be coming from Man Land! Men, get ready to learn all about how to be… well, men. We do everything in this skill from learning how to have a firm handshake to competing in an all-out nerf gun war. (MEN ONLY)

New in 2016!

Musical Theatre

Do you ever find yourself spontaneously busting out into song? If you answered yes, you won't be alone in Musical Theatre. Gain self-confidence as we learn the basics of acting, dancing, and singing. Each skill will play their own unique characters as we prepare to put on an incredible performance during Wake-Up on Friday. No experience necessary to become part of the cast.

New in 2016!


Will you Vincent van Gogh to Painting with me? We paint with everything from watercolor to acrylic paint and create masterpieces to take home to friends and family! No experience necessary as our skill leaders will teach you all the basics to create your work of art.

New in 2016!

Secret Ops

Go undercover on secret missions and try to discover who Alpha is. This skill helps us learn how to serve your friends at camp and others when you get home in a unique and creative way. This skill is very active and campers will travel around campus to sneak around and serve others.

New in 2016!


Dribble, pass, GOOOAAALLLL! In this skill, we will learn the basics of soccer; how to dribble, pass, shoot, and play on a team. We will also play scrimmages and other games to help us learn. No experience needed to play the most popular sport in the world.

New in 2016!

Splish Splash

Grab your swim trunks and one-piece swimsuits because we’re going to have some fun in the sun! This skill features water games, slip-n-slides, and water balloon fights! For our Safari and Alpine Villages only.

New in 2016!

Under Construction

Put on your hard hat and become a master builder! We will build with anything from Legos to Kinnex, to even your very own rocket! This is a laid-back skill for the inner innovators.

New in 2016!

Wacky Science

Would your friends describe you as wacky? Have a (literal) blast making things explode and making your own goo as you become the wackiest scientist in the whole camp. There is new experiments every day in this high energy skill.

New in 2016!

Yard Games

If you love playing backyard games with your friends then have we got the skill for you! We play all kinds of classic and new backyard games - anything from kickball to wiffleball to disc golf! This outdoor skill is a great option for those wanting a more laid back feel.

New in 2016!

Camp Schedule

Daily Schedule (Mon. - Thurs.)
Check-In + Village Training
Wake Up
Connectreation [w/ snack]
Team Time
Town Square
Skill One
Town Square
Team Time Lunch
Team Time
Town Square
Skill Two
Town Square + Snack
Skill Three
Town Square
Power Surge
Chick-fil-A Family Fun Day (Friday)
Check-In + Village Training
Wake Up
Team Time
Check Out
Closing Session