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Celebrate Mom

Campers, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Are you prepared? Probably not. How can any of us really prepare to celebrate the women who dedicate their lives to our well-being? There is no gift that could possibly measure up to the daily sacrifices our moms make for us. They are a constant example of godliness.

Our moms…

Lead by example

Moms live out selflessness and sacrificial love every single day. They devote their lives to the needs of others and seek to show you how to follow the Lord. What an example of God’s son!

Always forgive

How long does it take you to forgive someone who treats you badly? Even though you love your moms, sometimes you treat them badly. More than anyone, your moms deserve to be treated with respect. No matter how badly you behave, your moms are always the first to forgive. What an example of God’s forgiveness!

Provide all we need

This is possibly the most obvious of the blessings you receive from your mom. Moms do the grocery shopping, make you meals, do your laundry, take you to the doctor, and drive you all over the place. The list of ways your mom provides for you is endless. What an example of God’s provision!

Constantly encourage

No one believes in you like your moms. When we are afraid and insecure, moms help us to be brave. When we fail and mess up, moms encourage us to try again. When we are discouraged and confused, moms are a source of wisdom and kindness. What an example of God’s unconditional love!

Friends, God is so good. He has given us a daily reminder of his love in the person we call mom. This Sunday, let’s try to imitate that love by telling our moms just how grateful we are for everything they do. This is a person in your life who deserves to be celebrated.

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