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There is nothing in the world quiet like a best friend. Think about it…This is the person that knows you inside and out. They know you on the good days and the bad days and choose to love you no matter what side of the bed you wake up on in the morning.

They know what toppings you like on your pizza. They know your favorite kind of music and aren’t embarrassed to turn it up loud and sing with you when it comes on the radio. They know on your worst days, the things that will cheer you up. They are the ones who know what you’re struggling with and don’t walk away when the going gets tough. Best friends are people who challenge you to become all that you have the potential to be. bestie 1
I think God has a special place in his heart for best friends. I think he, himself ordains friendships like that. He knows all about us just like our best friends do because he created us and wants to walk with us through our entire lives. Our God is a God that is for relationships. That’s what the Gospel is all about-Jesus died for us so we could have a relationship with our Creator and live life in fellowship with him.
This summer we get to focus in on this idea of friendship, community, and fellowship as we dive into the theme Anchored: All Hands on Deck. We get to take a look at the kind of friendship God is offering to us and the kind of friendship and fellowship he wants us to have with others. We celebrate friendships that glorify God and want you to know how to build those in your own life! One of the most special experiences of my life was getting to work at camp with my best friend three years ago. In that summer we learned so much about the Lord and we learned how our friendship in itself could be an example of God’s love to others. It was so special to do ministry together all summer.
This year we want to encourage you to invite your best friends to camp so that you can have the same special experience! Camp is a wonderful place to learn about God and to learn how to build strong relationships with others. I really believe that when you make Jesus the center of your relationships with others, those friendships will be the best ones you ever have!
Right now, if you sign up for Girls Camp at Mount Berry or Young Harris and invite a friend to come for the first time, you’ll both get a limited edition WinShape Camps Bestie shirt! We hope to see you and your bestie at camp this summer!
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