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5 Tips for Packing for Overnight Camp

5 Tips for Packing for Overnight Camp

Shhhhhhhh!!! *whispers* Do you hear that sound? The sound of trucks being loaded, popcorn being popped, theme songs being blasted, and flags flapping in the wind?  Yeah — that one! That’s the sound of CAMP because IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!!!

We want to do everything we can to make this the best (and easiest) summer EVER. Picking out and packing up items for camp is just the beginning of the ultimate camp experience! Pack the necessities (costumes for themed nights such as Late Nites, Nite Lifes & Camp Wide Events are considered “necessities” at camp) and embrace the challenge together to load up everything tight and go light.

Pack Light 🛄

We know that one or two weeks at camp seems like forevvvveeeer! However, you need a lot less than you might think. You can pack light by using duffle bags only. Limit the amount of luggage you pack to 1-2 duffle bags. Please no trunks or suitcases! Trust us, you won’t regret it. Find ways to make packing light fun by rewarding your camper for choosing to leave behind a few things they THINK they need.

Flat Underbed Storage 🗃️ 🛼

Is your camper a bit of a “dreamer?” Do they often come home from school or camp missing a few miscellaneous items? Well, then we’ve got a tip just for you! Pack items like pens, stationery, bible, flashlight, playing cards, pool towel, shoes, and whatever else usually gets lost in the shuffle in a flat under bed storage box. This will be easily accessible to them during the camp session for them to roll it out, throw it in, and let the fun commence!

A smaller box (about the size of a piece of paper) is also handy for campers to keep at the foot of their bed for easy access during ‘kickback’ time. So maybe, (just maybe) they’ll write you a letter home. 😉

Preplan Individual Outfits 🧢👚👖👟

Camp is all about adventuring and exploring the great unknown  — but there’s one unknown that could make a big difference if it’s actually not an unknown, but a known. And that thing is what to wear each day. SUPERPRO TIP: Preplan campers’ outfits for each day! From comfort to activity-specific, to theme nights—it’s always a great idea to set aside individual outfits. Take it a step further even and pack each day’s outfit in separate plastic zipper bags with the day your camper should wear that outfit already labeled on the bag. Take the guesswork out completely!

Roll Em’ Up 🗞️

Ever been to one of those burrito places that make your food right in front of you and been BLOWN AWAY by how much stuff they fit into one tightly wrapped tortilla? You wanna know their secret? It’s ALL in the roll. One tried-and-true way to keep things organized and packed tight is to roll articles of clothing, towels, and linens before putting them in your duffle bag or luggage. It’s easy and saves space.

Rep Your Squad/ Club/ Village/ Pack/ Legacy 💪

Groups and teams are a HUGE part of the camp experience.  Your campers is going to want EVERYONE to know which group they’re in. Unless you registered in the last few days, by now campers should know which Squad/Club/Village/Pack/Legacy they’ll be reppin’ all week at camp! Pay special attention to your camp-specific packing list inside of the Parent-Camper Handbook. There will be occasions (and next-level activities!) where campers will need to rep their group’s colors.

Lastly: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize 📷🕶️💧📖

There are a few last-minute camp essentials that you possibly haven’t thought of! Here’s our list:

  1. Bible (If you don’t have one, no sweat! We’ve got you covered!)
  2. Backpack (Those little drawstring bags are super helpful!)
  3. Water Bottle (Hydration is kind of a big deal at camp.)
  4. Pair of Jeans (Signed up for Horseback Riding? You’ll need a pair!)
  5. Optional: Flashlight or headlamp (There’s so much to see at night!)
  6. Optional: Disposable camera (Capture your camp experience, then develop your photos when you get home!)

As we mentioned, each camp location will have specific packing list, just for your camper! If registered, you can find the full packing list in your Handbook, located under the ‘important links’ section of your WIN account! We’re just here to share some quick tips for packing. Meet ya at camp!