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2015 Camp Theme Preview

At WinShape Camps, we are committed to serving our campers and their families through every aspect of camp; and this includes our camp theme. By the time campers show up for camp one summer, we are already well on our way to planning the ultimate camp experience for the next summer!

As this preparation unfolds, we have a team that meets regularly and pays special attention to our camp theme and everything related to it. This team is made up of staff members from all of our camp programs. As we plan for each summer’s theme, we first seek the Lord for our ultimate leadership. We ask His guidance as we seek to select a theme that will be relevant, powerful, and engaging. We then do everything we can to follow His leading and to craft a theme that will meet our campers and their families where they are. We identify and discuss issues, circumstances, and challenges that our campers and their families are facing. As we have all been praying for our campers and for God’s guidance, we share the burdens on our hearts. We also share research we have done and specific real-life examples we have seen regarding these burdens.

This process has always focused us into a specific direction—meeting a specific need. Last year, we were all burdened by the sense of isolation that is so prevalent, even in such a supposedly “connected” society; so our theme centered on true fellowship, deep friendship with God and others. For next summer, the one word that summarizes the issue we find it is necessary to face is: hopelessness. And what better way to combat hopelessness than by exploring the sure, strong, and definitive hope we have in Christ? For Summer 2015, our theme is Hope: More than meets the eye.

Once our theme is set, we also get to create a world in which to explore it, a motif. While we can’t spoil the surprise and tell you everything before next summer, we can tell you that we will be entering the world of a theme park; but not your typical theme park. As we explore this unique park, we will learn that living a life of hope means realizing that there is more than meets the eye. While some things may seem hopeless on the surface, true hope—the hope we find in Christ—leads us to see with the eyes of our hearts and to trust that we can look beyond the temporary to what is eternal. Here’s a sneak peak:

BF778FE1-8E6C-4C52-A91D-509A6F3614C5 What is seen is temporary . . .

Sometimes, trouble seems to be hiding around every corner. Life can make us feel like we’re on an endless roller coaster where the next “fall” is just around the curve; and we rarely see it coming before we’re on a freefall. We can feel as though we’re just going in circles and never getting anywhere; much like being on a carousel ride that never stops. When we live life based only on what we can see, life can seem hopeless. But, what if there were more than meets the eye? What if we could see beyond the moment? We can. There is a way to see beyond all the hurt, disappointment, and seemingly hopeless situations in life. But that world can’t be seen with our eyes; it can only be seen with our hearts. The “eyes” of our hearts can see past our problems into the world of hope.

Hope is very much about perspective—the way you choose to see life. You can choose to define your life by circumstances you see. Or, you can choose to “see” life through the eyes of your heart—through the message of hope offered by Christ. As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 4:18, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

No matter what circumstances we face, we can live each day of our lives filled with an expectant, positive outlook if we allow Jesus to open the eyes of our hearts to see the world from His perspective. What is unseen is eternal.

We look forward to seeing you next summer!

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.01.48 AM Dawn Sherill-Porter
WinShape Camps Theme Team Facilitator

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